How we combine science with art, or

The method to our madness.

At Media Can we create commercials, documentaries and short films which entertain, inform and engage audiences. It starts with the concept - an idea we had, or emotion we felt. We then establish a campaign and feasible proposal which we pitch to our network of brands and distributors. From there we begin production; fostering advanced technologies and enlisting our industry-disrupting team of creatives. In conjunction with our partners we then offer a comprehensive delivery strategy. Browse our Selected Works.


You're in good company

Globally-recognised brands and startups forging a path are amongst those we work with.


Propelling the shared mission is

Our founding team.


Lukasz Karpisz
Creative Director

Since his first Super 8 camcorder Lukasz's passion and attention to detail is the driving force bringing films to life.

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Blake Hawksworth
Executive Producer

Blake's at the helm of each project managing client relationships, navigating deadlines and ensuring films reach commercial success.